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Avalon Rising At The Green Gathering 2017

We are Back at Green Gathering Creating the Earth Energies and Mysteries Area: This year in Earth Energies we are packed with cutting edge, spiritually challenging, consciousness changing, inspiring, loving, practical, and fun talk-shops, from morning till midnight! Schedules will be on our website and at info point and outside Avalon Rising marquee. In our talks tent at Avalon Rising we have, Giles Hutchings, the illusion of separation, Matt Dunn the nature of perception, Nicolas Cope talking about the Orkney site Knapp of Howe, Sika Deer is doing two fantastic sound journeys inc. didjeridu, Art of sacred Geometry is showing...

Sad loss of Sunbird Founder of Sunrise Festival, Eartheart & Tribalove Gathering

Sunbird our dear friend and brother departed this world in a tragic traffic accident in the Alps. Looking back over Sunbird’s life we realised that Avalon Rising Actually owes its existence to him! He invited us to the very first Sunrise Festival, and have been a part of it ever since. He asked Shaun and Hugh to run a talks space, and Avalon Rising as a talks space was born. The first Sunrise was based on the sacred geometry of John Michel’s Book ‘Twelve Tribe Nation’, John was so impressed with the vision of Sunrise that Sunbird created, John Michell...

Jamie Catto @ Sunrise 2014

Jamie Catto – Transforming Shadows into Rocket Fuel Filmed at Sunrise 2014 in Avalon Rising By Jon Witterick. Many thanks to Jamie for allowing us to film and put this up online, and to Jon for filming/editing! Enjoy!